Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Chad “Focus” Arrington, grew up with a unique fondness for music, especially the soulful sounds of R&B. The oldest child of Lillian Milburn and Spencer Arrington, Chad “Focus” Arrington was exposed to the hits of the great early Motown acts such as The Jacksons, The Temptations and Stevie Wonder, to name a few.

Arrington grew up obsessed with artists known for great musicianship, creativity, and star appeal. He remembers his mother singing “My Girl” and “Pretty Young Thing” in the elementary years of his life, as she would get ready for work as a nurse.

Music guided them through all the hard times, and he really appreciated the business minded musicians who used the craft to express themselves and create multitude of opportunities for their friends and family.

After his parents divorced, his mom put him into Piano lessons.

For the next decade, Arrington would classically be trained piano, while also growing to be one of the top young basketball players in his hometown area. As his team chased the 2005 3A Maryland State Championship, Arrington quit piano and put his music completely aside to focus on athletics.

Arrington attended Randallstown High School and majored in Mass Communications. At seasons end, Arrington received his diploma and used his charisma and good grades to secure partial scholarship to McDaniel College of Westminster.

Arrington helped lead the McDaniel Green Terror to the first NCAA Postseason appearance in the 86 year school history, and he graduated with his Bachelorate Degree in Mass Communications.

After college he pursued multiple entrepreneurial pursuits such as ownership of his own IT company, an Independent Agora Publishing Super-Affiliate, a Search Engine Optimization Consulting Firm, a Portable Electronics Startup and most recently his own label Focus Music Entertainment, LLC.

The trials and tribulations were all worth it in his mind. The shortcomings only built a never quit attitude and have been responsible for the current movement we’re all witnessing.

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself…”

Flash forward to early 2016 and Arrington is on youtube all day at work, just watching motivational Diddy and 50 Cent video, and he thought why not give this music thing a shot.

Arrington decided to  build his Focus Music Entertainment Label from the ground up.

Recruiting first, his cousin Brandon “Troyse” Williams (Baltimore, MD), rapper, owner of D.I.Y.S. committee records, and writer whose work has been featured in hit shows Empire and Power. Songs “Bad Guy” and “Shot’s Fired” became placements that shook up the industry and garnered Williams residual publishing royalties.

Williams and Arrington co-collaborated for the Labels first LP release with the Release of Life Absolutely in Summer 2016. The album featured breakouts such as “Important” and “Only” ft. Raeliss.

The solid debut effort would garner attention from the @Costars who strong industry connections has landed Troyse another 3 upcoming placements on the current season of Power.

Troyse powers the chorus vocals for Chad Focus’s breakout debut single “Get to the Money”.

An ambitious and fast paced energetic hip hop song about staying focused and accomplishing monetary dreams to invest in their dreams.

The song feature’s Chad Focus Diddy like ad-libs in the background profusely chanting Wasup, Wasup and Get to the Money!

Troyse is accompanied by fellow Baltimore relative Robert “Flames” Collins who pays omage to the great Lucuious Lyon by referring to the stature of the character’s Mogul level In the hit show. Flames follows the first verse of the powerly Toned Cito G (Woodlawn, MD).

Cito is seen staring intensely into the mirror as he raps about thinking about “what’s next” in his hopes to leave behind a past of misfortune and close calls.

As the hit single closes out Troyse raps about other’s not being able to compare to walking in his shoes because “his sneaker’s off” as in a referral the fact his level of lyricism in unreachable in his mind.

This proves to be a solid group showing by the Focus Music Quartet, displaying range, diversity and energy bound to find some staying power on radio airways across the world.

Chad “Focus” Arrington is currently the urban face of MOBE (My Own Business Education), an online educational powerhouse for prospecting entrepreneurs.

His master ability at marketing has allowed him to make the home to his current roster of artists. Look forward to a release of 100 songs and 10 albums in one day.

The Mogul hopes to make an un-heard of splash not seen before in the industry. With Flames Street Ties Vol. 2 compilation being the mixtape that started the 2017 summer of the right way. Re-release of Troyse’s Live Absolutly 2.0, and G.T.F.O.H., sophomore effort respectively.

The debut album of Cito G, Paid Vacation, has been long awaited effort for the 30 year old father. While battling various health related complications from a car accident suffered 10 years ago, Freeman has left behind a past solely focused on production and has delivered a classic album built off his once in a generation voice and hard hitting production.

Look forward to in-house production from Oakes, Ocktane Beatz, ForeFeddy, and Raeliss. “Forever Young” Cito G feat. Chad Focus is a groundbreaking trap melody about a glorious lifestyle of womens and wins.

Cito G, cost through the instrumentals while Chad Focus gears up in the background with his Fallsetto Chants of the titled track.

Chad Focus also shows his versatility on “The Way” feat. Raeliss and Cito G.

This will be one of the hottest songs of the summer.

Focus wastes no time letting listeners know he is no newcomer to the exotic lifestyle.

He’s spiritly chants of having an X6 (BMW) and 30 Bands ($30,000) on his wrist.

This young mogul seems to be fully aware of the braggadocios aspect of the hip hop culture and seems to recreate the thoughts of the past moguls like Jermain Dupri, Birdman, 50 Cent  and most famously Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Arrington not only hold his own as part CEO/Musician but gives way to his artist to create their own hits in his self-built masterpiece Focus Music Studios.

Raeliss Marrero (Bronx, NY) will be debut 3 albums this summer.

“Ballin” the charismatic track speaking on the success of the likes of KOBE and Michael Jordan will also be the title of the album. “Good Times”, takes a chop-and-screwed vibe and breaks though for a feel good moment of the self-title “Raeliss”. A co-album by Chad Focus and Raeliss will also be finalized and realized towards the end of the summer.

The project will be sure to feature a blend of EDM, Pop, R&B and Hip Hop tracks that will flood multiple genre soundwaves.

Flames will also be releasing a debut album on the Focus Music imprint. “What It’s bout” and “Young Jefe” prove Flames can take any up tempo hook and create a story.

His real life emotions and unique pitch separate him from other hip hop artist. Stay tuned as his debut, compilations and contributions to the overall growth of the label will be something to appreciate for years to come.

Chad Focus will bring in the rear with his own Debut two disk album which will feature production from top producers from all over the world.

Look forward to a dynamic blend of swagger and finesse as the Mogul turned all-around performer will release his own full length projects.

In total, Arrington has been in talks with the top festivals in the world to bring his roster of Focus Music talent to a city near year.

As Arrington continues to mold his company, build his own sound, and figure out a way to make a viral impression on hip hops new generation will all be tuned in.

Major release of his music can be found on itunes. Latest single releases can be seen on will be the exclusive place to find the releases of the upcoming Focus Music videos as well as their official website.

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