Develop Unique Selling Proposition: Stand Out Among Competitors

Develop Unique Selling Proposition: Stand Out Among Competitors

People love comparison to choose what’s best for them.

A unique selling proposition gives you an advantage to help your ideal customers to identify about what’s in it for them that they can’t find elsewhere.

It’s your advantage against your competitors. 

Let’s use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn as an example.

All of these platforms have the same functions like sharing anything you want, uploading photos, sharing updates but its still have differences.

  • Facebook is centered on connection and communication with friends and family.
  • Twitter has limited characters, mostly for latest news and just tweeting anything you want. Who cares?
  • Instagram is focused on images.
  • LinkedIn is connecting with professionals.


These are all social media platforms but these platforms have different intent of use.

You will have a lot of competitors in the same niche if you’re going to launch your dream business.

Your Unique Selling Proposition will determine what sets you apart from your competitions.

So, give them a strong reason to make them buy from you!

So, how do you develop a Unique Selling Proposition? 

  1. Compile a list of your competitors on spreadsheet.
  2. Find their reviews on Google, Yelp, Social Media and reviews sites.
  3. Your competitors’ most unsatisfied customers will give you the insights to create a better product/service.
  4. Fill the gaps left by competitors.

“If you don’t distinguish yourself from the crowd, you’ll just be the crowd.” – Rebecca Mark

Always remember that creating your Unique Selling Proposition is a critical part of your success!


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