$440.00 $399.99


Cut, carve and coast in style with the revolutionary Cali Drift Folding Three-Wheel Electric Scooter.

Three-Wheel Design

The unique three-wheel design makes for improved stability, traction and round after round of fun.

Adjustable Rounded Handlebars

U-shaped handlebars provide multiple grip options to suit your riding style for precise control and adjust to accommodate riders of almost any height.

Swiveling Stem for Easy Navigation

Maneuver in an all-new way as the Cali Drift’s stem allows for swivel movement while you ride.

Charge & Check On-the-Go

Charge up in just 2.5 hours and check the battery indicator to see how much power’s left anytime.

Robust 250W Rear-Wheel Motor

Hit the throttle and feel the 250W motor kick in as you cruise up to 15.5 mph. Cruise and adventure your way up to 9.3 miles before it’s time to recharge the battery.

Lightweight, Durable and Foldable

Reinforced aluminum-alloy frame weighs only 22 pounds and supports riders up to 264.5 pounds. Fold down the Cali Drift stow it inside your trunk or next to you under a bus seat.

Show the World Your Style

The scooter’s spacious deck features colorful no-slip grip tape designed to secure your stance, no matter how fast you go or hard you carve.