UPGRADED BOARD – The SwagBoard’s upgraded board features more advanced hardware and is the most durable Swagboard yet

BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – The SwagBoard contains an advanced battery management system for greater energy efficiency

24V LI-ON FE BATTERY – Allows the boosted board to go up to 11 MPH and up to 10 miles on a single charge

WIRELESS LED REMOTE – Controls speed, braking, and cruise control and shows speed and battery status

MAPLE WOOD DECK & PREMIUM GRIP TAPE – Allows riders to have more traction while riding this motorized skateboard

SWAGTRON NG-1 Version 2 Motorized Skateboard: Hit the Street with the Best
Ride into the future with the Swagboard! The Swagboard is a high powered board designed to give you a thrill you can’t find anywhere else and designed with the utmost comfort, safety, and durability in mind. Step on, hit the throttle, and ride off with swag.

The new updated Swagboard comes with an enormous 32 x 9 x 4.5 skateboard with a Canadian maple deck that is both solid yet flexible as well as upgraded hardware that makes it more streamlined than ever. The 7-ply maple deck provides you an unbelievably smooth foundation, while the updated battery management system makes your Swagboard more energy efficient than ever.

SWAGTRON is Committed to Safety
The SWAGBOARD boosted electric skateboard takes skateboarding to the max. Whether you’re shredding boardwalks, and crushing skate parks, this e-skateboard is all you’ll ever need.

After charging in just three hours, the Swagboard allows you to travel with a max speed of 11 mph up to 10 miles. A UL2772 24V LPF battery uses patented multilayered SentryShield technology. Sentryshield technology helps provide extra battery protection that exceeds all current safety requirements so that when you’re riding with SWAGTRON, you’re riding with the best.

SENTRYSHIELD Battery Technology
The NG-1 uses Sentryshield technology to safeguard its 24V LPF batteries. Improved battery management enhancements mean that the SentryShield battery technology has also been upgraded, and now provides even more safeguards than ever. SentryShield uses state of the art proprietary technology to keep both you and your board safe.

7-PLY Deck Supports Riders up to 176 lbs.
The SWAGBOARD NG-1 V2 uses a solid Canadian maple wood deck designed to provide a silky smooth riding experience. The 7 layer wooden deck helps provide both stability as well as flexibility as you ride, and supports riders up to 176 lbs.

Easily Carry It to Your Favorite Place to Ride
The SWAGBOARD NG-1 V2 contains 2 designated ergonomic grips that allow you to carry it with you wherever you ride. Rather than tucking it under your arm, you can easily carry it in places where you’re not riding.

Rechargeable Remote Control
The SWAGBOARD NG-1 V2 remote comes with a wrist strap so you never have to worry about losing it again.