Step on the all new SWAGTRON® T580 Bluetooth® hoverboard and bring your soundtrack on your next outdoor adventure!

Weighing at a lightweight 20 lbs, the T580 hoverboard is both easily portable and sturdy. It is strong enough to support riders between 44 to 220 lbs, making it the perfect adventure companion for children, teens, and adults alike.

Charge the UL-certified batteries for only 2 hours and hop on! Using the downloadable SWAGTRON app, you can select between 3 different modes and customize your riding experience. “Learning mode” is ideal for beginners and “Standard mode” is great for intermediate and experienced riders. Meanwhile, for those who have mastered their hoverboard skills and are ready for the craving the next challenge, the T580 also comes with an “Advance mode.”

Riding is as simple as start, steer, and stop! Hop on the slip resistant foot pads to issue commands using your feet! The internal sensors know where you want to go and powerful dual motors take you there! With dynamic equilibrium technology built into the board, you can control your ride by just shifting of your weight.

Designed to take on even your most ambitious adventurers, the T580’s aluminum rims and durable casing has the build for ample traction and daring maneuvers. Fly down sidewalks and empty cu-de-sac streets for a range up to 8 miles on a single battery charge! Take your board for a spin at the park at up to 7.5 miles per hour! Or climb those 30° hills at your college campus – make getting to your next class relaxing and fun! And the fun won’t stop with a little bit of water either. The hoverboard’s IPX4 rating means the T580 is protected from water spray.

Download the SWAGTRON phone app for iOS and Android to keep up-to-date with your board’s needs and fun features. Check your battery life and system indicator lights at just a glance! Blast your favorite song using the Bluetooth speaker! Or a map function that tracks your route with just the tap a finger!

The T580 has passed rigorous safety tests for UL2272 certification. Our patented SentryShield® and Smart Battery Management technology offer additional multi-layered protection, including from over-voltage and extreme spikes in battery temperature.

Push the limits of swag. SWAGTRON’s T580 Self Balancing Hoverboard is here.