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I want to personally thank yʼall for taking the time out of online shopping, trolling, worldstarring or whatever it is you do online to check out my world and be apart of
it! In the beginning I did this for myself as therapy and an outlet(selfish I know). But I realize theres a deeper purpose for me. who am I to keep these words that literally saved my life and keep them for myself? as if there isnʼt anybody else out there who also feels misunderstood, under appreciated, overlooked, stagnant or misjudge. I had a random person come to me and say “I listen to your song “Important” once a day as motivation to level up. and I can feel my mindset slowly changing”. THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING! Its crazy how a kid from the East side of Baltimore quiet and self reserved can connect with so many. With that said I will continue to be an open book for yʼall to enjoy and possibley learn from as I am learning for you. help me write this story….BECAUSE MAUHFUCKAS NEED IT!

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