The Basics of Online Business Checklist: Start Your Business Right

The Basics of Online Business Checklist: Start Your Business Right

Starting an Online Business might sound as easy as you think and if you’re going to google about what should be your online business checklist, you’ll find results about how to come up for your business name, registering your business, setting up your website, your business capital, hiring a team, creating a marketing plan, etc.

Though those tips are necessary but it won’t determine how you’re business is going to thrive in the Digital Space.

Many people today are trying to be an entrepreneur, still, only a few percentages have only succeeded.

For so many reasons, launching your business website won’t drive sales automatically. It doesn’t matter in which business you’re in.

So, why do most people fail and what should be your online business checklist to make sure that you have a higher probability to thrive in the Digital Space?

As Stephen Covey said, “Begin with the end in mind.”

What does it mean to begin with the end in mind?

  • A vision for your business (Of course.)
  • An end goal for your business (It’s really good to have end goals and continuously creating goals.)
  • A profit (Well, a profit is really important for every business but if you’re just thinking about the money, you’re more likely to fail.)


When you really want to succeed in any business that you like, it’s not just about the “feeling” that it might work because the “idea” is good.

A business should have to focus on “shared value” because it will determine how you’re business is going to succeed.

Here’s Your Online Business Checklist to Start Your Business Right and Thrive in the Digital Space:

  • Find the Problem, Come up with Solution

Most people start with the idea. They’re always looking for a “winning idea” that they think will bring home a million dollars. But that’s not how it works.

Always remember that people buy because:

  1. They need it.
  2. They want it.
  3. The product is in-demand.

So, before you start a business, find the problem first then come up with solutions. Even when there are existing solutions, innovate it. Come up with better solutions.

  • Do Your Market Research

Let’s say, for example, a “Product/Service X” is somewhat relevant to the solutions that you want to provide as a business.

Take a look at how large or small the market in that niche. In that way, you can estimate the potential of your business.

You can also study why people are not satisfied nor what’s lacking in that particular product or services to create a better solution for those people.

  • Create Your Buyer Persona

You just can’t market to anyone. If you think your product/service is for everyone, this will even take so much time, energy and even money to market.

You’re more likely just wasting all your efforts! It’s not worth it, to be honest.

So, having a buyer persona can help you to focus on people who’s going to need your business.

To start with creating a buyer persona, determine their:

  1. Age Range
  2. Gender
  3. Demographics
  4. Interests
  5. Behavior
  6. Their specific problems
  7. At least 5 places he’s already looking for answers (blog site, education site, influencers, etc.)
  • Create Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Why creating your USP is essential to get your prospective customers to buy from you?


Creating your USP is what makes you different from your competitors and it’s a reason why your business is better.

  • Setup Your Website

Today, it’s really important to have your own website. It builds credibility and authority. The more information you can provide for your target market, the more they’re likely to trust your business.

There are drag-and-drop websites now and it’s really easy to setup without coding skills needed.

Still, majority prefers self-hosted website like WordPress for flexibility and lots of customization which is very helpful to save not only in money but also time, in most cases.

  • Be Found in Social Media

Billions of people spend almost all of their time on Social Media. Be honest with yourself, how many hours per day do you spend on social media?

And Social Media today is one of the biggest sources for buying almost anything.

I even have friends who are addicted to buy whatever they see in social media.

So, setup your business accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

It will also help you to attract more customers later once you’ve gained followers, reviews and feedback which are great for social proof!

  • Learn the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Learning Digital Marketing or Online Marketing is essential to grow your business. This is the most important step from your Online Business Checklist. It will help your business to keep going!

You’ll learn how to think creatively and strategically when you understand how to measure your results using the available tools like Google Analytics and built-in analytics in Social Media.

There is also a lot of software today that offers an in-depth analysis of automation, ideageneration, and results from your posts and advertising campaigns.

Therefore, always keep in mind that these should be your Online Business Checklist to have a sense of direction for your dream business!

  1. Find a problem, Create or Innovate an existing solution
  2. Do your market research
  3. Create your buyer persona
  4. Create your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  5. Setup your website
  6. Be found in Social Media
  7. Learn the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing


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